domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Feeling Fear

Famous paint of Edvard Munch

I am writing some posts with themes about relevant subjects to me, giving my view about them. But I would love to hear from you what is your opinion over them.
Today is about: "Fear"

I think our primitive fears are useful to protect us from dangerous situations; the kind ones that put ourselves in imminent risk of death, for example. But there is a pernicious fear, a biggest entrapment that can make us paralyzed, not allowing us living as we want or we are; and this fear is always emanated, conveniently, to manipulate us in all kind of levels: from religions dogmas, to the parents in afraid to lose the control. This kind of fear, always comes from above, from the power, in a intent to intimidate and make us weakened, so we can be guide and follow the "rules" whatever they are. And unfortunately this is the nature of human being, even unconscious, but most of times, conscious, and with a sweet taste of domain by the power.
So, what do you think about "Fear"?

Autor: Cynthia Kremer

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Phill B. disse...

I have fear of the unknown. I often catch myself out of control if I am in new situation. I work hard to keep this feeling away but my mind just cannot stand and I guess my friends notice that somehow I am not like them. I am not sure if I have panic disorder, because my anxiety takes the control of my mind and I feel unable to overcome it.

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