terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011


David Gilmour (my first passion)

I will not be hypocrite saying that it is a glorious stage of life nor glorify oldness with the clichés about being less fool as when you are young, and so on, Because the oldness is a disaster! (not to say the worst thing) In every senses, and very relative for wisdom: if you were a fool when young, you may probably become an old fool - Lets say that 50% remains a fool and another 50% got some wisdom with time. I am not that old (yet) but if I had the experience of life that I've got nowadays, with my 20's, OMG...my life would be very different. That fits To all of us. Different. For good or not. All depends of who we are.

I was watching a video from David Gilmour, Pink Floyd vocalist, to whom I felt in love when I was 12, 13 years old. He was just 26 at this time and so handsome, so beautiful...then as all of us, he got old, and today is pretty sad to see what the time can do with our appearance. Anyway, I already thought about that, and we have 3 choices:
1. Kill ourselves while we are still good looking and young (in extreme cases of vanity and madness).

2. Try everything, such surgeries, miraculous moisturizing lotions,ageless firming body creams, and all kind of technologies to keep us away from looking old for just a few years (which can be a very paranoid and stressful attitude)

3.let it go! Try an alternative way of life, become yourself a hippie, be different, and make it visible to others, that's your choice. Affiliate yourself to an alternative group, like Greenpeace, or something directly linked to the environment stuff, they use to be very detached with personal vanities. That's it.

The worst choice is to stay undecided, in the meddle of all propaganda from the media that want us to keep the illusion that we will stay young FOREVER using their products. It just make us feel really bad because it's impossible to buy all creams that promises miracles, to do all plastic surgeries that will be suggested. It is also hard to try all alternative procedures available. So, we, (unless if you are very rich) besides getting old, overwhelming and frustrated, can get depressed.
I guess my choice is the number 3. Or not. Well, I am not decided yet. :)

Have you any new idea? What would be your choice?

Autor: Cynthia Kremer

domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Feeling Fear

Famous paint of Edvard Munch

I am writing some posts with themes about relevant subjects to me, giving my view about them. But I would love to hear from you what is your opinion over them.
Today is about: "Fear"

I think our primitive fears are useful to protect us from dangerous situations; the kind ones that put ourselves in imminent risk of death, for example. But there is a pernicious fear, a biggest entrapment that can make us paralyzed, not allowing us living as we want or we are; and this fear is always emanated, conveniently, to manipulate us in all kind of levels: from religions dogmas, to the parents in afraid to lose the control. This kind of fear, always comes from above, from the power, in a intent to intimidate and make us weakened, so we can be guide and follow the "rules" whatever they are. And unfortunately this is the nature of human being, even unconscious, but most of times, conscious, and with a sweet taste of domain by the power.
So, what do you think about "Fear"?

Autor: Cynthia Kremer
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